Only listening or are you finding your customers?

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Jeff and I were talking recently about the voice of the cutomer. We love VOC, as it’s known…unstructured data is right up our alley. What we were discussing was the importance of listening to your customers versus finding your customers. We all know the squeaky wheel gets greased, but isn’t there a lot more to your customer service than listening to the loudest ones? Isn’t it good to find your satisfied customers, too? Or the customer whose influence may not reach all of the country, but just one region, or territory, or radius?? People love to tell their stories, and a finding the ones spreading the positive is equally important as finding the negative. In a time of economic downturn, retention becomes as important as growth. If you don’t reach out to all of your customers and find their stories, then you could be looking at a silent killer to your business - the semi-satisfied-but-not-overly-vocal-yet-totally-retainable-customer, that you let slip away. Finding them is as good as listening to them. What do you think? Do you have what you need to know about your customers?
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