On to the next chapter

  1 m, 7 s

Now that the election has ended and the votes have been counted (for most, anyway - Senate runoff in Georgia?), we will be retiring our politicaltrends.info site. Don’t worry. We plan on being around in 4 years so we may fire her back up again, then. The information that came out of analyzing the political blogs was pretty amazing. We started with several candidates back in late 2007 and as they dropped out of the race, or got pushed aside, we watched coverage shift, hot themes moved from the Iraq War to Oil Prices to Financial Crisis. Hillary Clinton always seemed to be in the lead for negative sentiment, but it meant a lot more coverage and exposure for her early on. And while we never claimed to be political experts, we were thankful for an exciting and historic presidential race this year - it wasn’t just the choice in candidates that were “firsts” but the way we all communicated during this election. It certainly was a great showcase for our technology. It seemed EVERYONE had an opinion about the candidates. Thanks bloggers for being so passionate during this race. We’re confident our next venture of analyzing sentiment of Corporate CEOs on ExecDex will prove to be just as interesting. The blogging community has a lot to say and we love listening!

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