New marketing – new definition

  1 m, 28 s

I just returned from a two-day conference appropriately titled “The New Marketing Summit” because it brought together thought leaders in social media such as Chris Brogan and David Meerman Scott and Paul Gillin so they could share their ideas and insight into the current wave of marketing strategy that encompasses blogging, Twitter and PodCasts. What I found interesting was an opening segment from Mike Lewis, President of the Boston Marketing Association who was trying to define “new marketing” – it brought me back to mid to late 2007 when we were trying to define social media monitoring in a way that CMO’s and especially PR executives could understand. How do you define or explain the need to discover the relevant thoughts, opinions and themes floating around about your company in an endless universe of noise? How do you define the need to monitor and often interact with influencers that can change the mindset of your customers if you weren’t even aware those influencers existed? While Mike was sharing his definition of what “new marketing” could be, I realized I wasn’t as excited about what the definition had become – because I still think we are at the beginning stages of this new marketing age – what I was pleased to discover was that there were close to 400 attendees who are thinking, dissecting and engaged in using these new methods of marketing to help further their businesses and brands. Just as text analytics was a concept few knew how to incorporate into their workplace until recently, social media monitoring solutions have been forming all around us to support the new marketing methods and it is nice to see some of those solutions now being recognized at events like this and put to good use!

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