Moving ahead with cost-effective text analytics

  1 m, 18 s
For the past year, we've experimented with using a web service to provide low-cost text analytics services, and we've learned a lot doing this. Our core strength as a company is providing fully customizable text analytics that are applicable to any industry, for a wide range of text analytics solutions. Lexascope was designed to fit a single use-case, that of longer form media content - for low cost entry into the media analysis market. What we've learned is that working to a single use-case is not what fits our customers the best. Our customers desire the fully custom nature of our Salience engine. We've also seen an increasing desire to analyze short-form content, an application for which Lexascope was not designed. As such, we've decided to focus our engineering resources on coming up with a lighter-weight installed version of Salience, one that has all the power of our current Salience, but allows for more pricing flexibility for users who need to process content using the full powers of our current engine, but don't have the content volumes to justify an enterprise-class license. We've stopped accepting new registrations for Lexascope, and will work with current Lexascope customers to come up with a solution to their needs. We think that this new solution fits much better with our core strengths as a company, and allows us to focus on our core business of providing the best possible text analytics functions; while simultaneously enabling a larger set of businesses to take advantage of the strengths of our super-flexible, very powerful core software engine.