Maybe the end of the world is a good thing (well… for some)

  1 m, 17 s
Given the continuing stream of bad news that assaults us each and every day… 5000 layed off here, 8000 there, and the political parties battling over what shade of lipstick to apply to the pig, you wouldn’t be alone in feeling down and uncertain. There are however some bright spots out there, and thankfully we seem to be dead in the middle of one of them. There was a very interesting article in PRWeek that we came across today discussing the success that a number of the vendors in Social Media Monitoring are having in this economy, and thankfully some of them are our customers. While this may come as a suprise to some, its something I expected to see, because one thing companies can’t afford to do in this economy is ignore the bad news. They need to know what’s being said about their companies so they can minimize panic and damage around their brand. Of course this means they have to look into more places (blogs, twitter, facebook, etc) and have less people to do the looking (remember the 5000 layoffs at the top of this post), so they are having to look to companies like dna13 and Evolve24 to do the digging for them. The PRWeek article spells out how well many of these guys are doing in this tough economy. My general opinion is that the companies that help companies handle the ever increasing glut of information that’s out there are going to thrive in this economy, and thankfully we’re one of those.
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