Mainstream Media to New Media to Just Media

  1 m, 3 s

It was announced the Christian Science Monitor will cease printing their paper version of the publication and go online, all the time. This has initiated the discussion on a variety of blogs as to the viability of the Monitor come April 2009 when they make the move, particularly when there are so many free online news sources available and paid versions tend to fold after making the digital move. I personally enjoy reading a paper. I tend to do it every night. It keeps me in touch at a local level. I also get at least 4 magazines delivered, keep my news feeds going on my desktop during the day, tweet on Twitter, write on Facebook walls, and monitor other sources of valuable information. With more and more information available online is this a brave step or a slow death sentence? Will this be the first successful move of many that finally gets us away from terms like ‘traditional media”, “mainstream media” and “social media” back to “just media”. It delivers original content and helpful information via a channel - isn’t that all that matters? In the end, it’s how it helps your business grow and if you can support the decision from a revenue standpoint - wouldn’t you agree?