Semantria For Mac

  1 m, 9 s

The world called, and Lexalytics answered: we’re very proud to introduce Semantria for Mac, which brings Semantria’s industry-leading, lightning-fast text analytics to our friends on the Apple side of things.

No cross-platform port here: Semantria for Mac is a native OS X application designed from the ground up with the Apple user in mind. We’ve even integrated Semantria into the Mac OS X Notification Center: just import the content (Tweets, comments, etc.) and return to your other work. You’ll receive a nice little message when Semantria has finished processing your content.

Our OS X application brings to bear the full capabilities of Lexalytics’ legendary text and sentiment analysis solutions. Semantria for Mac includes all — that’s right, all — of the text analytics functions that have made Lexalytics the industry leader in providing accurate, reliable, actionable information. “SeMACtria” operates in the cloud, just like our Windows Semantria offerings. And like the rest of our text mining tools, it’s intuitive and flexible: we hit that sweet spot between easy-to-use and powerful.

Hungry for more detail? Why not start with the press release! Then you can have a look through our technical pages to read about the features you have access to. Check out our web demo to see Lexalytics in action, or get in touch to schedule a live demonstration of Salience Engine, Semantria API, and Semantria Excel.

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