Lexalytics User Group: Sue Feldman on Big Data and Text Analytics

  1 m, 2 s

Here’s the fifth video taken from our LUG conference.

Sue Feldman discusses the impact of big data on the world around us. She does it by defining what “big data” is, as well as what are the different hardware and software bits that make up big data. She goes on to cover what are some of the problems that can only be solved with a “big data” mindset, and how text analytics fits into big data alongside more traditional structured data efforts.

Specifically, she explains how new technologies such as Lexalytics’s Salience engine can be used to make sense of Big Data, as well as how sentiment analysis can be used to leverage Big Data to our advantage, especially with regards to categories, taxonomies, named entity recognition, lists and trends.

Susan Feldman directs IDC’s Content Technologies Group, and specializes in research on search and discovery software and digital marketplace technologies and dynamics. The Content Technologies group tracks and analyzes software that manages, organizes, maintains, archives, distributes and creates access to unstructured information in any format. Ms. Feldman’s area of specialization includes market research on search engines, text analytics, unified access to information, categorization and other information retrieval technologies, as well as digital marketplace dynamics.

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