Radian6, Sentiment Analysis, & the Big Bang Theory

  1 m, 29 s

Here’s the seventh video taken from our LUG conference.

Ed Sullivan of Radian6 discusses how they use Lexalytics’ Salience sentiment analysis to analyze social media on a massive scale. He shows us that customers usually come to them with three problems:

“How can I listen and engage at a massive social scale?”
“How can I get the relevant posts to the right people in my enterprise?”
“How can I engage with my customers at their point of need?”

Ed then explains how Radian6 Insights focuses on answering these questions by scaling social data, and using strongs filters to wade through the mire to find the pieces of gold therein. Once they’ve distilled the information, they’re able to work on formulating strategies to engage customers.

To make things concrete, Ed uses an excellent example involving the tv show The Big Bang Theory, which at the time had 420,000 posts about it strewn across the web. Reading them all would obviously be an impossible task, so he creates filters with Salience pinpointing the word “love” (to see who loves the show), narrowing the users down to 6500. Those users can then be contacted and engaged in conversation, or even asked join a forum or community.

Radian6’s social media monitoring software helps businesses listen, discover, measure and engage in conversations across the social web. Radian6’s software platform captures hundreds of millions of posts each day, including the full Twitter firehose, Facebook, blogs, news sites, discussion boards, video and image sharing sites. Clients explore real-time results on an interactive dashboard, use Radian6 Insights to discover meaningful and actionable intelligence, and act on this intelligence using Radian6’s Engagement Console. Radian6 uses the Salience text analytics and sentiment analysis engine as part of the their social media monitoring platform.

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