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By late April, all users with a Semantria Advanced subscription will be able to mine sentiment from text in Dutch, Russian and Arabic.  “Text analytics works best when it is done through native language processing, as opposed to translation,” said Lexalytics CEO Jeff Catlin.  This latest multi-lingual support addition covers the languages of 673 million people worldwide. With it, Lexalytics can now perform native language processing for sentiment analysis for 58% of the world’s population, or 4.5 billion people (this number is based on the official languages declared by countries).

Lexalytics processes billions of unstructured documents globally everyday, making it the industry leader in sentiment analysis.  With a constant demand like this, relying on rote translation isn’t feasible.  The nuanced meaning in the original language would be lost and the sentiment of the text would be impossible to accurately assess.  By working in the original language, Lexalytics is able to reliably show what locals think of the re-branding of a hotel in Malaysia while determining public reaction to a new ice cream flavor in Germany.

The next set of languages being learned by Lexalytics’ Salience engine have yet to be announced, but the idea of further expanded repertoire is exciting.  “Our focus on expanding global language support offers multi-national brands the opportunity to use multi-lingual text analysis to interpret thoughts and feelings that have a direct impact on their business,” continued Catlin.  The possibilities of universal language support promise to be phenomenal—not only in the sphere of business, but also in academia and governance.  The ability to instantaneously and accurately ascertain public sentiment across the world from the collection and analysis of unstructured data will allow for new perspectives on the global population like never before.


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