Lexalytics Limited

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For clients, this means more and better tools will be available. For vendors, it suggests some questions about technology strategy…” Nathan Gilliatt Our team returned from the UK late last week after meeting with our colleagues at Infonic, and I have a sense that great things will be coming out of Lexalytics Limited very soon. As Jeff mentioned earlier, the release of Salience 4.0 this fall will be the stepping stone to this new merged entity and from there the technology should continue to evolve and improve over time. The focus of our visit was to iron out the operations of the new Lexalytics Limited and to understand how we plan to share and grow on our technology and products. I am most excited about bringing Lexalytics to the forefront of the text analytics community with the best-of-breed sentiment solution. We are all confident that combining our companies will push us to exceed the expectations in the industry and from our customers. Stay tuned as we progress forward and deliver on the promise of the best enterprise text analytics solutions…

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