Lexalytics & The Financial Crisis: A Hackathon

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On the 13-15th of September, a group of Hackathon participants will come together for 48 hours at the FuseBox in Brighton (UK) to try to explain the global financial crisis and the recession that it caused. Lexalytics will be sponsoring the event, and to be honest, we’re pretty excited about what kind of cool new tech the participants will come up with.

Considering the fact that they’re looking at several years’ worth of data, and participants include artists, designers, software developers and data scientists, we’re expecting something completely out of the ordinary. Also, the goal of the hackathon isn’t your usual run-of-the-mill goal either: when was the last time a software developer tried to explain a financial crisis?

Participants include Hydrogen, Joyent, and my personal favorite, Leap Motion, who are the guys behind the Leap Motion Controllers. In case you haven’t heard, their little controllers bring personal computing that much closer to Minority Report (I’ve always wanted to be Tom Cruise in that scene where he waves his hands and conducts his investigation).

For more details on the Hackathon, check out our press release. If you’re interested in participating, visit the Brighton Hackathon event page.

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