Lexalytics is going to IIeX!

  1 m, 38 s

Lexalytics is heading to IIeX North America 2016 on June 13-15 in Atlanta. This show is a great opportunity to learn about the latest and greatest in market research, and we’re going to be taking our 13 years of unstructured data analysis down to Atlanta to meet with everyone there.

I (Seth Redmore, CMO of Lexalytics) am going to be presenting:

Words++ : How Social Communication Methods Are Changing the Game for Market Research” from 2:20 to 2:40 on Monday June 13th, in track #3.

Machine-based analysis of unstructured text is a critical asset to researchers in all types of industries, from hospitality and travel to CPG, retail, entertainment, financial services and more. Even as words remain central to interpreting meaning, there an accelerating evolution in social media of enriched communication. More and more consumers are using emojis, GIFs, images, and video to express their feelings, sometimes in ways that are truly cross–cultural, sometimes in ways that add confusion of interpretation. What impact is this having on researchers’ ability to effectively gain insights from their data sources? In this presentation, Lexalytics’ CMO Seth Redmore will discuss the current state of unstructured data analysis for researchers and his forecast of what’s to come over the next 2–3 years.

What does this actually mean? I’m going to be talking about how crazy Emoji have gotten and reaching into convolutional neural networks for how images are going to be understood and tagged. We’re in the very beginning of an era of visual understanding, and I’m going to give you some insights as to how this is all going to play out.

Our software processes billions of documents a day, providing instant understanding across a wide variety of industries, including social monitoring and market research. We’d love to have chat with you about your needs and where you think the world is going, so, stop by the presentation or contact us and we’ll set up some time with you!


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