Lexalytics Announces New ‘Deliverance’ Program

  1 m, 28 s

Lexalytics is pleased to announced the development of their newest Salience driven program, Deliverance, a comprehensive text analytics interface designed to extract meaning from educational texts and compile thematic reports. This development follows at the heels of a radical shift in Lexalytics’ targeted consumer base, now primarily children grades K-12. Deliverance will enable students to easily input required school reading materials and automatically create book reports.

“We just listened to what our new target demographic was saying, on Twitter, on Facebook, everywhere, and we found a near universal dislike of homework. So we thought, why not automate an arduous process? It takes seconds for Deliverance to read what would take a student days. This breakthrough innovation allows kids to get back to what really matters, like Mass Effect 2.” Says VP of Product Placement, Seth Redmore.

Lexalytics has built upon successful existing Salience features, such as theme extraction, summarization, and entity recognition to develop Deliverance , which Redmore sees as the next logical step for the company. New features include the ability to input a list of vocabulary words that the student is required to use. Since book reports are based on text analysis and deriving  themes, the biggest leap here, he says, was simply choosing to explore new markets to deliver insights into. 

Deliverance is still in early beta, and will be released fully at a later date. “We’re very pleased with what we’ve been able to accomplish so far,” he continues , “but it’s still early days. Our biggest challenge so far has been modulating the level of discourse so that it is appropriate to each age group. Still, I find Deliverance’s analysis of the “Very Hungry Caterpillar” as a capitalist manifesto expounding the transformative joys of consumerism quite convincing.”

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