Just a couple of things

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So of course the big news in the Social Media world yesterday was the announcement of Google’s new Open Social API and the fact that they have signed up nearly every major Social Networking site going - with Facebook being the obvious exception. Dan Farber has a nice write up over on ZDNet and of course you can check out both Scoble and Techcrunch for lots more information. So far the only dissenting opinion that I’ve seen has been that of Dave Winer which given that he is the only actual developer that I’ve seen talking about this I find very interesting. Almost unnoticed amongst the Open Social hullabaloo is the fact that the NY Times has released what could potentially be a Techmeme killer. Debuting on the Technology page of the online edition, this is a redeployment of the Blogrunner technology / company that they purchased in 2006. Look at the middle column of the page and you’ll see ‘Technology Headlines from around the web’. It will be interesting to see how or indeed if Techmeme react.

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