Jeff Catlin’s AI Predictions for 2018

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Welcome to Weekly AI News & Insights from Lexalytics, a curated selection of articles and interest pieces brought to you by the leaders in “words-first” artificial intelligence.This week: Jeff Catlin gives us his AI predictions for 2018, plus a much-needed reality check (he says AI needs to consider its privilege); some areas where AI is already rivaling humans; and Steve Wozniak joins the camp of AI realists.

  AI predictions for 2018, plus a reality check

Not everyone is blindly optimistic about AI. Last year, Jeff Catlin laid out some realistic predictions for AI in 2017. In his latest Forbes article, Jeff reviews his predictions and makes new AI predictions for 2018

For example, in 2017 Jeff predicted the rise of Big Brother under the guise of Big Tech – a no-brainer, there. Jeff also predicted (correctly) that AI would be forced to “consider its privilege”. Indeed, even after the lessons of Microsoft’s disastrous experience with Tay the Racist Chatbot, this past year was full of stories of biased and racist AIs.

As Jeff points out, “Any AI training data reflects the biases of our society — and the people doing the testing — and we need to improve as a society if we want AI to follow our lead.”

Read Jeff’s AI predictions for 2018 on Forbes

Where AI is already rivaling humans

Reality checks and predictions are all well and good, but how about here and now? In this KDnuggets article, Alok Aggarwal explores six areas where AI is already rivaling or exceeding human abilities.

A commonly-cited example is how Google’s DeepMind made big AI news headlines when their AlphaGo program defeated the reigning world champion of Go, Lee Sodol. But AI isn’t just about playing board games. Alok identifies more areas where AI is currently excelling: self-driving and autonomous vehicles; psychiatric diagnostics; chat-bots and personal assistants; and AI-based robotic process automation.

Once you’ve read both articles, compare Jeff’s AI predictions for 2018 with Alok’s list of present AI strongpoints. Then, go read the rest of Alok’s articles on the past, present and future of AI.

See where AI is rivaling humans on KDnuggets

Steve Wozniak is an AI realist

Elon Musk is an AI alarmist. Jeff Catlin is an AI realist. So, apparently, is Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple. In fact, Steve says, “I agree with the A and not the I of artificial intelligence.” Ouch!

That’s from Steve’s recent interview with The Economic Times. And there’s more. “Google can look at 80,000 pictures of a dog and it may get it right sometime,” Steve points out. “Show a dog picture to a one-year-old child only once and she will recognize and know a dog forever.”

It may sound harsh, but Steve raises an important point. The simple fact is, artificial intelligence is nowhere near to approximating human intelligence – let alone exceeding it.

Read Steve Wozniak’s interview with The Economic Times

Weekly AI News & Insights

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