I’m feeling better, thanks.

  2 m, 35 s
*Warning: Light fodder for a Friday* Anyone who works with me (or generally came in contact with me) this past week knows that I got slammed with the latest round of cooties in New England which I will call “the flu” (mainly because it’s quick and easy to type). And anyone who knows me, knows that I tend to endlessly complain about things like “the flu” - as if no other human being but me has ever had the combination of chills, sore throat, blocked ears, hacking cough and body aches in their life. However, thinking back on it, I noticed that my complaining reached new heights this past week, and I think I am going to blame that on the social media phenomenon. It may be a stretch, but stick with me. In my job I spend a significant amount of time sifting through blogs, posts, comments, and *latest* news feeds that provide me with information - LOTS of information. When my head was in a fog this week, I still felt pressured to try to read and decipher the same amount of information that I digest during a healthy week. Quite frankly, I was overwhelmed — partly because I was having difficulty with the English language in general while suffering from “the flu”, but mainly because it occurred to me that there is just a ton of “stuff” out there every day, whether you are sick or not. I also realized that most of us are just complainers - simple and pure. We’re not happy with the weather, the traffic, the latest technology, our families, our neighbors, crime, politics, work and school. We endlessly complain about the economy, the war, the mortgage crisis, our president and who got kicked of American Idol. We share our thoughts on a minute-by-minute basis about a governor who strayed in his marriage with a prostitute and then flock to her MySpace account to download her debut song. I have watched more 5 minute “movies” in the past 6 months than I have full length movies at the theatre in my almost 40 years. And while it does get overwhelming, it’s pretty incredible as well. The whole phenomenon has given all of us new outlets to share our ups and downs. We feel compelled to keep up with the information flow — we want to stay in that “live stream” of breaking news and near real-time conversations online. I felt the need to share my misery with as many people as possible since I was too sick to share a clear, educated thought. It’s amazing that in a single work week I browse, filter, analyze and process so much information from people just like me — people who, on occassion, get “the flu”. We have learned to share so much with complete strangers that I see no way to retreat from that “progress” and while it seems a lot of it is complaining, there is a lot of good news being shared as well. For example, I’m feeling better, thanks. See - some good news in this social media world where anything goes…
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