IAB Keeps Fingers on the Pulse of Digital South Africa

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When you work with data as much as we do, you come to truly appreciate the art of data visualization. That’s why we here at Lexalytics are so pleased to be contributing Semantria API’s sentiment analysis to the Pulse (link no longer live).

Powered by Semantria

The Pulse displays the latest conversations around trending topics on IAB SA publisher member’s digital platforms in South Africa. It uses data gathered over the week and plugs into Twitter so it can include South African tweets that relate to the trending topics. These data points are then run through Semantria to analyze for sentiment. Once collected, this data is all represented as a color-coded 3D beating heart – perfectly symbolic of how vital it is for brands to keep up. “Trending content is the heartbeat of South Africa’s digital landscape,” explains Josephine Buys, CEO of IAB SA.

That’s why IAB SA enlisted integrated communications agency MetropolitanRepublic to create the Pulse as a promotional campaign, in order to raise IAB SA’s profile and prove the power of the South African digital audience. “Through this digital advertising campaign, the IAB SA aims to demonstrate the power of the medium, and to educate advertisers about how to capture this valuable audience’s attention and keep it through the use of well-crafted content,” adds Buy.

Always listening to trends

Our own VP Marketing, Seth Redmore, weighed in on the debut announcement of the Pulse, saying, “Conversations are happening all the time, whether we’re listening or not. Consumers expect brands to respond, react, and be relevant. The Pulse is a great way of showing the trends and vibrant nature of the South African social media universe, and we’re proud that our leading text analytics service is a key part of ‘showing the buzz’.

The IAB SA, or Interactive Advertising Bureau of South Africa, is an independent, voluntary, non-profit organization focused on growing and sustaining a vibrant and profitable digital industry in South Africa. It represents more than 200 members including online publishers, brands and education institutions, as well as creative, media, and digital agencies. Learn more about them (link no longer live).

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