I, too, am a TwitterMom

  1 m, 11 s

Friday night was relatively quiet in our house so I logged onto my personal Twitter account to see how my fellow “Moms” were doing - it’s my night job. During the day I’m a “Social Media” tweeter. I just haven’t had the guts to let the two merge yet. But, because our company is in the social media industry I was fascinated by the #MotrinMoms phenomenon that was unfolding before my eyes. Mom, after Mom, after Mom was blasting an ad campaign on the Motrin web site. There were not millions of us tweeting about the “offensive” Motrin ad, and it wasn’t something that happened the moment it was released - it had been running since Sept 30 - but *just* enough of the voices started to emerge and share and blog and suddenly, *poof*. From an Ad Age article: He said the “Motrin moms” phenomenon wasn’t just the work of Twitter celebrities and marketing gurus such as Seth Godin, who also weighed in on the kerfuffle. “You don’t have to have thousands of followers to start something like this,” said Mr. Armano, who also blogs for AdAge.com. “Many people with small networks have just as much influence as a few people with large networks.” Goes to show - you can listen all you want, but you also need to find the right voices out there that matter to your business!

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