I hate my job!

  1 m, 3 s

Got your attention, didn’t it? It’s not true. In fact, I love my job. Smart colleagues. Fantastic software and technology. Fun industry. Great customers. And if you ask me, I’ll tell you that. But not all employees are as happy as me with their leaders. I’d never even heard of JobVent until this morning. Isn’t that what husbands are for? I found it because of this: Executives Increasingly Aware of Online Reputation Management and thought “Finally!” We’ve had Execdex floating around as our demo site for a while now, simply because we knew that C-level executives would have to answer some tough questions. Can you say salary cap? It just goes to prove that reputation management isn’t always about whether someone is happy with your latest gadget or customer service techniques; it goes straight to the top and whether your employees and customers are happy with who is running your company. These days, many are asking questions like, do I have faith this CEO can navigate this unruly economic crisis? Are they respected by their peers? Will they be running the company into bankruptcy in 6 months? I expect more of this “awareness” in 2009, if not panic, among executives. Be aware, be very aware…

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