AI Analytics for Hospitality Management

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Hospitality is an industry as old as time. But in the new digital media landscape, hospitality management faces new challenges. This blog explains how one of our partners, Revinate, uses our cloud-based Semantria text analytics solution to deliver the best analytics for hospitality management.

A changing customer landscape

The new personal, digital media landscape is a strange one. Anything a person posts online is, effectively, public for anyone in the world to see. However, unless that person is a celebrity or has a following, not many people see what they have to say. Unless, that is, someone is looking for it.

People talk about their experiences with companies’ services online all the time. On social media, in online forums, and anywhere else people chat with each other. If yours is one of the businesses or services that people are talking about it—especially if they don’t think you’re listening—wouldn’t you want to know what to know what they’re saying? Even more, wouldn’t you want to use this unsolicited feedback to help update and upgrade them?

Better analytics for hospitality management

One of our partners, Revinate, does just that for the hospitality industry. Revinate provides better analytics for hospitality management, to help their customers reinvent the guest experience. And they do this by employing Semantria to help them sift through all this data.

Of course, without the proper configurations, the customer data you mine for information could score incorrectly. That’s why Revinate worked with our experts to ensure proper tuning and configuration. This ensures that slang, jargon, and other industry-specific terms all return the correct sentiment score. In fact, Revinate and Lexalytics have configured Semantria to cover the more than 2,700 categories, 200 hotel topics, and 100 restaurant topics, in nearly 10 languages, that Revinate analyzes.

Doing this by hand might seem difficult and time-consuming, especially if you have a business to run. But the combination of Lexalytics’ hospitality industry pack and professional services made it easy for Revinate. Revinate worked closely with our experts in order to ensure that the process was as seamless as possible, with minimal disruption to their customers.

Revinate reinvents the guest experience

When Revinate decided to partner with Lexalytics for their text analytics and sentiment analysis, they faced a serious time-crunch. They didn’t want their clients to experience any disruption as they made the switch. Working together, Lexalytics and Revinate were not only able to transition to Semantria, but did so without any significant disruption to their clients.

Now, Revinate is able to provide reliable, powerful analytics for hospitality management. They can find out how customers feel about rooms at individual locations; they can show how customers are responding to the service of staff members; they can learn how people feel about specific foods and beverages. In fact, Revinate can measure the sentiment of consumers in every crucial category for hospitality.

The power of Semantria can be yours

This is the power of Semantria. With the proper tuning, those people posting online to audience of everyone and no one can provide your business with the data it needs to improve and adapt your services to the needs of your clients. It can even help you discover problems that you may not even know exist yet.

Whether you service tens of thousands of clients like Revinate or are simply trying to grow your small business, text analytics and sentiment analysis can put you ahead of the curve when it comes to problem solving and ensuring that your customers are happy.

Ready to explore? Try our web demo with a custom URL or bit of plain text, or sign up for a free 14-day trial of Semantria.

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