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Christine_Lexa. And I’m a Twit-aholic. I would have said Tweet-aholic but I haven’t actually reached my tweeting potential. Give me time. It has only been about a month or so since I joined the world of Twitter and I haven’t been able to turn it off since. I was a skeptic. I was a doubter. I would chirp like a bird when someone mentioned “tweeting”…ask my PR firm. I was a nervous wreck to log on and needed a training session from them (not on what to tweet, but just how to login and use commands like @ and dm!). But now I feel immersed in a community that reinforces the desire people have to share information and collaborate in real-time. What else I have learned is that there is far less self-promotion and much more cross-promotion. There are retweets of information between colleagues all the time. And corrections and opinions and reactions to news and research. And there is research - lots of research going on! It has validated what we have known to be true for a while, which is that smart, tech-savvy, individuals blog, regularly, and with purpose. And they are able to share their findings, thoughts and insight in 140 characters or less, complete with a link to their work, to whoever cares to follow. And if you think you are ever alone in an airport with no one to talk to, think again. There are tweets just for that, too! So while this may sound like a Twitter commercial but it’s really just an observation - and an affirmation that there will continue to be a lot of voices online and lots of information crossing the internet in the time to come. You can find out what’s being written now, or wait for the movie to come out…in which case you would have missed reading a really good book.

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