Happy New Year – Some stats from Twitter + New Years Eve

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Hello all and Happy New Year!

I snagged 412,700 tweets from Twitter from about 16 hours that went from 2300 UTC December 31 to 1500 UTC Jan 1.   This was 5% of the total tweets that went out with the phrase “new year”.

Without further ado… The top 50 hashtags were as follows:

Happy New Year Hashtags

Nothing terribly surprising, but I had to check to see what some of these were:

#UnionJTo775K is Union-J-World, um looks to be a band of some sort who are driving to get to 775k followers with promises of following people back.

#VicmasDay10 is Victoria Justice (er… some celebrity?) who is making people jump through hoops and she will follow them if they simper and beg appropriately well.

#ICONPOPQuiz is a trivia game

#GetGlue is some sort of media app

It’s perhaps a tiny bit sad that #GetGlue! beat out #love.   (However, if you include all mentions of “love” in hashtags, then “love” does conquer all.  Well, at least all things commercial.

Now for themes:

Themes from Happy New Year dataset

It warms my heart to see that “happy new year babe” beat out “happy new year bitches”.  Not by much, but it did.  

“Good things” is slightly more popular than “beautiful people”.  Speaking as someone that has more stuff than looks, I approve.

We see east coast, but not west coast (that’s probably because of the time range of which I got content.  I was in a hurry and it was New Years Eve, what can I say?)

So – things like “year yaa”, “year juga”, and year “kak” come from people mixing other languages with English.  (“Juga” seems to be coming from folks in Indonesia.)

And, in terms of what group of people were being wished?

Now you know.

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