Semantria Named 2014 Cool Vendor by Gartner

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What’s Cooler Than Being Cool? Being a 2014 Cool Vendor

We think what we do here at Semantria is pretty cool, and we hope other people think so too. That’s why we were beyond glad to see Gartner name Semantria a 2014 Cool Vendor in Content and Social Analytics.

The Cool Vendor research series is published annually by Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, and “identifies the innovative companies, products and services that will shape the future”.

This year the Cool Vendors are all about “big change”. The digital age is here, and its causing all sorts of new changes that are bigger and happening faster than ever before. Big change is exactly what business operations have to commit to if they want to adapt to this new era and maintain a competitive edge.

What Makes Us So Cool?

“Finding insights across multi-structured data is a huge opportunity for business leaders to derive value from analytics. The vendors in this report offer unique approaches to preparing data and finding hidden insights and making them accessible to a wide range of business users.”

Gartner’s report on Semantria particularly highlights our out of the box functionality, including integration with third-party applications, the built-in categorization engine, and fully developed Wikipedia-based taxonomy.

We’re also invested in making text and sentiment analysis accessible to more people than ever before. Our cloud-based service lets anyone analyze text in any of our six supported languages and get quick and convenient results via API or Microsoft Excel.

Who Should Care?

According to Gartner, everybody, and obviously we agree.

Every company has customers, and every company ought to want to know exactly what those customers are saying. Sentiment analysis can help do that. And with the increased accessibility to text and sentiment analytics, there isn’t a good reason any business, big or small, shouldn’t be taking advantage of the opportunity to derive new and hidden insight.

We’re in Cool Company

Congratulations to fellow Content and Social Analytics Cool Vendors DataRPM, Decisyon, Geofeedia, and PeopleLinx, as well as every other 2014 Cool Vendor. We’re totally proud to be in such cool company.

You can find Gartner’s full list of 2014 Cool Vendors here.

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