Gartner Names Coveo Most Visionary Leader in Enterprise Search

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We’re very pleased to share that Garter has named Coveo, a Lexalytics partner, the Most Visionary Leader in Enterprise Search.

Using the “Magic Quadrant” Gartner graphed 17 different vendors along axis of “Completeness of Vision” and “Ability to Execute”.

As you can see, Coveo ranks squarely in the “Leader” quadrant. Leaders, according to Gartner “demonstrate exceptional technological flexibility” and their products are “mature, complete… and fulfill a clear value proposition”. Gartner also placed Coveo furtherest along the “Completeness of Vision” axis, naming Coveo the Most Visionary ahead of over a dozen top providers in enterprise search, including Google and HP.

Gartner’s report considered factors such as a provider’s product strategy, cloud and mobile innovations, and customer experience when assessing vendors for this years quadrant. The report recognized Coveo particularly for their design flexibility that ensures more relevant results, outstanding user experience features, especially in the mobile environment, and strong delivery options, including a hybrid cloud and on-premises model – something that makes Coveo stand out in this market.

We agree wholeheartedly with Gartner’s focus on the importance of contextualization. Organizations don’t want a list of search results – they want the single best result. Context is the key to providing that. We’re proud that we provide the power of Salience’s text analytics capabilities to help Coveo deliver actionable and personalized knowledge to over 700 customers world wide.

You can find the full report here.

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