Forced Darwinian Evolution for Data Scientists

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data science popular blogGfK’s John Carroll recently commented on the burgeoning popularity of data science, a now nebulous term bandied about freely. And this recent interest has led to a flood of “data scientists” eager to get hired on to a market research team. But this saturation isn’t necessarily advantageous: “Given the relatively recent hype around big data,” says Carroll, “it would need some fast-tracked Darwinian intervention to provide a ready-made talent pool of ‘research scientists.”


However, while this influx of data professionals might hinder your hiring process, it’ll prove useful overall. This focus on data science is pivotal to understanding the constant surge of unstructured text and numbers. Having a large and eager pool of prospective experts to draw from will only aid in the advancement of data research—“[It’s] laying the foundation stones for today’s audience measurement across all media,” as Carroll puts it.



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