Facets: Automatically Extracting Opinions from Reviews and Surveys

  54 s

Facets are another unique feature of Lexalytics’ Salience Engine.  They provide a quick and easy way to get to actionable information about opinions given in reviews and surveys.

Facets rely on “Subject Verb Object” (SVO) processing of content, with a dash of the Concept Matrix thrown in.  SVO processing lets us extract Facets and associated Attributes from sentences like “The service was slow.”  In that case there’s a Facet “service” with an Attribute of “slow”.   Get enough of these in a set of reviews, and they bubble very nicely to the top.   Lexalytics’ Concept Matrix helps us automatically associate like facets, even if they aren’t the same word – rolling them up together.

In the 6 minute video below, I talk about how Facets work, and give an example based on 2 sets of restaurant reviews from Yelp.   Facets present a very different view of the data than Yelp gives natively – rather than just seeing the featured reviews and a histogram of review grades, you can actually see which restaurant is hard to get into and which restaurant has a rocking gay bar.