ExecDex under the microscope

  1 m, 8 s

Thanks to Seth Grimes for his feedback about our recently launched demo site, ExecDex in his recent post Lexalytics’ ExecDex, or the PR folks Know Best. At Lexalytics, we discussed both the timeliness and need for a demo site that would showcase the strength of Lexalytics’ software without being another technical tool that shows how the “processing” takes place behind the scenes on unstructured text. Or as Seth would understand, another “tech application”. As many of you know, we’ve hosted PoliticalTrends.Info this year as another demo site showcasing Lexalytics’ capabilities – and with the political season nearing an end, we thought developing something that was addressing today’s hot topic of executive leadership in the wake of the recent financial events could be really interesting. (Kudos to our development team for pulling it all together while still continuing to move forward with our upcoming Salience 4.0 release). So, I’m grateful Seth reached out to offer us feedback and we are going to continue to move forward with this demo site – and I’m grateful he was able to see what us PR and Marketing folks were hoping to achieve. It is this ever-growing and influential blogging community that keeps us doing what we do. For more insight into ExecDex, be sure to check out the post by our new VP of Engineering, Carl Lambrecht here.

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