evolve24 Knows What Americans Care About

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What America Cares AboutFor years we’ve helped evolve24 provide businesses with the big data analytics they care about.  But, big data has a place outside of the business world, also.  evolve24 gets this; it’s why they publish their “What America Cares About” reports.  In them, they use Salience to find out what the American public has been discussing and how they feel about it.  This month’s report covered a dynamic swath of the American consciousness, from high school graduation to airplane safety and, of course, the coming election season.  Using big data in this way can provide meaningful information that was once too large to gauge.  It gives us a detailed snapshot of how a population is growing and changing as well as how they’re interacting together. 

evolve24 has a good example of this in Marco Rubio’s comments on marriage equality.  This data illustrates not just a shift within the Republican Party (which is made obvious by the comment itself), but also a shift in the public at large. The dusting of red throughout the node belies a definitive underlying sentiment—negativity.  This is coming from within Rubio’s own party in response to the progressive statement as well as from outside his party for not being progressive enough.  These likely are the most dominating opinions on this topic, and visualizing it serves to helpfully illustrate the larger conversation being had.  However, the node is decidedly grey, which in this case represents neutrality.  Taking all the sentiment surrounding this statement into perspective helps show that the opinion of marriage equality is moving ever closer to the center.

In moments like this it’s interesting to see such an immediate, real world application of sentiment analysis.  Never before have humans been able to collate, process and understand such huge amounts of data.  And, unlike polls, it considers real dialogue across a much more diverse sampling of individuals.  Utilizing sentiment analysis and big data helps us to better understand the world every day.  Seeing the awesome things evolve24 can do with this technology demonstrates just a fraction of the possibilities. 

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