evolve24 hosting webinar on May 20th about discussion trends in personal finance.

  1 m, 9 s




Below is the verbiage from evolve24’s (quickly) upcoming webinar where they will discuss their findings on the conversations around personal finance.



“With millions of conversations taking place across the Internet… perhaps you’re wondering what people are talking about and caring about most — right now when it comes to personal finance.

Identity theft? The rising cost of food? Pet expenses? The pros and cons to owning versus renting? All of these topics, and more, have been emerging topics of conversation to Americans over the past couple of months.

What’s the latest? Are graduates excited about the future? What are they concerned about? How can your company or brand become top of mind for this new market?

Join us for a free insightful webinar on Wednesday, May 20 from 1-2 p.m. CST where we’ll share what’s trending, why it matters and what you can do with the information.”


We love that first sentence, because there really is no other way to listen to “millions of conversations” without using a heavy duty text analytics engine.   Like, say, just to pick a totally random, vendor neutral example, ours.  🙂

(And just to be super clear, they’re putting on the webinar, so the “join us” up there is really “join evolve24.”  We just think it’s cool, and evolve24 uses our Salience Engine, so, we’re helping to get the word out.)