Even in Uncertain Times: Text Analytics is doing well

  1 m, 27 s

The economic meltdown across the globe is just about the only thing on everyones mind these days (certainly true of me). Given that the economy is the dominate focus at the moment, I thought it might be wise for me to take a moment and give a bit of “state of the business and industry” speech. I’m actually quite suprised at how resiliant our business has been in the face of all the dire economic predictions. The Lexalytics sales funnel is about a big as its ever been at the moment, and I believe the same is true of our major competitors Clarabridge and Attensity (as we keep running up against them in sales situations). As a company, our new V4.0 release of Salience has helped us compete strongly in all of these deals (A post about Salience 4.0 tomorrow), and our now completed merger with Infonic should enhance our visibility in the marketplace. Not suprisingly, PR/Marketing and Financial Services are the 2 areas we’re garnering the lions share of our leads, but we’re also starting to reach into the area of customer feedback processing, where I fully expect to see even more of our competitors. I’d be lying if I said that I had lots of insight into how are competitors are doing, but given the activity in the space, I suspect that they are pretty busy as well. This isn’t to say that we’re immune to the tough times out there, we’re seeing a longer time from invoice to payment as our customers feel the pinch, but our little niche in the world seems to be doing better than most, and I’m optimistic that we’ll continue to grow next year.

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