Sales is Support: Meeting Our New CSM

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Sales only works when customers reach their goals. Often sales teams focus on myopic benchmarks of success. Finding prospects, having good open rates and productive calls is great; and moving opps through the funnel is nothing to sniff at. But focusing solely on these immediate hurdles belies the true challenge in sales—retention. And there’s only one proven method to ensure customer loyalty: success. And success happens when the customer receives the support they need. For me, great sales is great support. My name is Erica Fargiorgio and I am the new Customer Success Manager at Lexalytics.

I bring over 8 years of experience in brand management and customer loyalty and retention in the tech and telecom markets. Throughout this time, I’ve developed lean, effective strategies to empower my customers while driving up their pipeline volume. I believe success comes down to calculus, it’s not a mystifying hit or miss. This is the premise to Lexalytics as a company—businesses thrive when they have access to meaningful insights.

The idea behind data analytics is simple: Determining what your customers want, what they don’t want and what they’re going to do shouldn’t be a rain dance. It should be a precise science. The answers are there; you just need the right tool to hear them. Along with my team, I’ll be there every step of the way to make sure you get everything you need, fully tailoring and optimizing your experience.

Technology, especially in the natural language processing and machine learning spaces, is vaulting forward at an exponential rate. Lexalytics alone will be releasing some fascinating and disruptive tech in the coming months. Add in the innovative work our competitors are doing as well and this market will be unrecognizable by 2017. I’m here to keep you abreast of all the changes that affect your company. Together we’ll onboard, integrate and deploy the most dependable, innovative and relevant offerings as they appear.

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