eDigitalResearch is Changing Social Listening

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In today’s fast-paced and inter-connected digital world, we’re all waiting for (or dreading) our viral moment. But what if you could see it coming before it happens?

As something goes viral, for better or worse, it’s already driving through at full-steam by the time the social media manager knows it. Sometimes, companies don’t even know it’s happening until they start getting the first calls for comment from the media.

Predicting Trends

In a unique partnership, eDigitalResearch has merged our Salience engine with their HUB Text Analytics tool into something that is brand new.

The new tool uses “technology and data visualization techniques to enable users to gain insight into customer comments” and “can uncover emerging trends, categorize what is being said, and monitor themes” in real time.

Product Director Nada Gillard described it further in a press release, “’HUB Text Analytics is designed so that everyone from insight executives to customer service managers can better understand what’s being said from anywhere customers are talking about their business. Powered by a world-class text analytics engine, users can have real faith and confidence in results and thanks to our great staff engagement techniques, can really shout about resulting insight to the rest of their business.”


In using sentiment analysis with more traditional text analysis, companies can discover not only what their customers are saying, but how they’re feeling. If people love a service or product in general, but have a specific complaint, companies can discover it and respond in a way that appears proactive rather than reactive.

With technology like this, companies can be more engaged with their customer base and in ways that matter to them. Sentiment analysis takes the guesswork out of online customer engagement and helps a company tailor the conversation to what’s most important to their audience.

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