The EContent 2018 Trendsetting Awards

  1 m, 11 s

The next big thing according to EContent

We’re honored that AI Assembler has been named one of EContent’s Trendsetting Products of 2018. AI Assembler allows data professionals to solve the AI-hard problem of model building. In short, clients may now deploy AI Assembler to identify brand specific insights within huge sets of text data. Far from competing with the data scientist, AI Assembler allows technical teams to focus on more interesting problems. As implied by EContent, AI Assembler is a watershed moment within text analytics. It effective puts the days of hand tuning models and meticulously building queries behind us. AI Assembler answers unique questions and makes predictions that can determine the future of your business. Learn more about EContent’s 2018 list of trendsetters here.

The best part

As delightful as it is to see AI Assembler be recognized as a trendsetting product, the real satisfaction comes from seeing it in action. Lexalytics’ solutions are able to help you better understand your clients, solve problems you may not even be aware of, and find markets in need of your product or service. Seeing our partners and clients succeed is the truly gratifying part of this work. As proud as we are for making this list, know that it will only inspire us to work even harder to settle this new frontier and blaze a trail towards whatever is over the next horizon. Learn more about AI Assembler here.

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