Easter Candy

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Lexalytics-Easter-BlogEaster has been centered on the basket since the early 1700s when the Germans exported it abroad.  It started as a small celebration where kids wove nests for the charmingly old world “Osterhase” to rest in.  It quickly spun out of control into a festival of dizzying amounts of Easter candy.  This more than anything is the Easter known and loved—so much candy.

But which of these sugary idols is most celebrated? We wanted to find out, so we revved up our Salience engine and fed it a diabetic’s nightmare.  Sure enough, it got back to us with some pretty interesting results.  First talked about among candy brands was Peter Cottontail’s little poultry-esque friends, Marshmallow Peeps.  They were overwhelmingly mentioned over 13,000 times—many of these mentions were of how much people hate them—they’re really the most controversial candy of Easter.

easter-graphThe most popular candy of Easter is chocolate.  So much chocolate.  Mentions of “chocolate” relating to Easter outweighed all brand names and other candy types put together—milk chocolate, white chocolate, hot chocolate, dark chocolate, even chocolate cake.  There were 235,000 total mentions of chocolate we found pertaining to Easter. But it wasn’t the thing itself that garnered the most mentions—it was the sentiment around it: too much chocolate.  8,568 mentions of it, no less.  It appears as if the public in general leaves the spring holiday with a sour stomach and a sore tooth.  And, with all those sweets, it’s no surprise.  So next Easter maybe we should all take a leaf out of the Bunny’s book and have a few carrots.  From all of us at Lexalytics, Happy belated Easter!

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