Customize API and Excel settings online with Semantria Web Configurator

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Introducing Semantria Web Configurator!

SWEB is here – a quick, easy, (sexy) online customization system for Semantria configurations. The days of logging into Excel to change your API settings are over. If you’re like me, the days of logging into Excel to change your Semantria for Excel settings are also over (did I mention how sexy this thing is?). 

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Log in to make changes to queries, categories, sentiment, entities. It’s all ridiculously simple.

Search Existing, Import, or Add New Resources

Starting from scratch? No problem, in addition to out-of-the-box functionality, adding new queries, categories, entities, sentiment bearing or blacklisted phrases is as quick and easy as clicking “Add line”.

Add Line in Semantria Web Configurator

Adjust numeric values like tonality by simply sliding right or left.  

Adjust Tonality in Semantria Web Configurator

If you’ve already got a sweet setup, just import it! Import to SWEB from a CSV file or an existing configuration.

Import in Semantria Web Configurator

The interface is (sexy) simple, (sexy) and (sexy) intuitive. If you ever need help getting oriented, just use the “Show tour” button at the top of the page, or watch our video tutorials.

Show Tour in Semantria Web Configurator

Query Wizard

Query Wizard in Semantria Web Configurator

We’ve also come up with a new way to add queries, just for SWEB. The Query Wizard lets you build queries by simply inputting terms to a group and choosing the operator from a drop down menu. Watch the video tutorial for a quick introduction to the new system. Of course, you can still choose to build queries the old fashioned way, if that’s what suits you. Just toggle the Builder button.

Reload or Save and Go live!

If, after a fit of setting-changing-madness, you are suddenly seized with an overwhelming regret, you can reset your configuration by hitting Reload, no harm, no foul. Otherwise, just hit Save to save your changes to the cache. Implement your changes by hitting Go live! and watch Semantria Web Configurator work its magic.

Try SWEB Now

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