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With all of the amazing technological advances so ubiquitous around us, it’s easy to forget to marvel, every so often, that anyone with the internet has essentially the entirety of human knowledge at their fingertips. Any answer is seconds away, as long as you know the right questions to ask. That’s partly why we do what we do here, asking better questions to get better answers. Yet, with all of this potential why is the internet so bad at educating people?

For every great resource for truth online, there seems to be a dozen other links that spread misinformation that’s either tragically wrong or deliberately misleading. Millions of people turned to online education programs in order to learn new skills and better their job prospects, only to be saddled with student debt in academically dubious programs. “Online learning” has gotten a bad reputation and is seen as incomparable to traditional, tertiary universities.

Take Social Media Marketing courses without the hassle

Which is why the Social Media Marketing courses created by Northwestern University and delivered by Coursera is exactly what online learning should be. This program is Northwestern’s latest massive open online courses, available to anyone eager to learn about how to make social media a profitable part of their professional lives completely for free.

The course is designed for executives, marketing specialists, and business owners, but the lessons the course teaches can be valuable for anyone who wants to better understand how to make social media work for a company. The five courses in the program build towards a social marketing capstone project that puts those skills to practical use.

Anyone can complete the program at their own pace

There is also a premium version of Northwestern’s Social Media Marketing courses (under $500 for the whole thing, about half the cost of one course at a for-profit school) which provides a certificate, upgraded tools and more in-depth review times.

Lexalytics, along with Silverpop at IBM, Radian6, and others have contribute to these courses, so that people looking to learn about business are learning from innovators who are putting theory into practice. We get to play around in a classroom with bright, curious people studying from their offices, in coffee shops, or even their bedrooms from all around the world. Anyone who wants to learn, innovate, and create is able to at no cost to the student at all.

It seems that online learning is finally living up to its potential. Check out the course in detail here.

Here’s how to enroll for FREE

If you don’t want the certificate, you can enroll in each of the five Social Media Marketing courses absolutely free:

  1. Go to the course page (links to all five course pages listed below).
  2. Select the “Enroll” button
  3. Log in or sign up
  4. Under “Join the Course”, select “Full Course, No Certificate” and press enroll
  5. Begin your course!

Course 1: What is Social?

Course 2: The Importance of Listening

Course 3: Engagement & Nurture Marketing Strategies

Course 4: Content, Advertising & Social IMC

Course 5: The Business of Social

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