Configuring custom Named Entity Extraction in Salience

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We've posted a new entry to our development blog that may be of more general interest to our readers.  Salience has good power under the hood for dealing with lots of interesting cases, and Tim Mohler, our VP of Professional Services has written up an interesting case on how one of our customers has configured Salience to handle entities that sometimes aren't tagged as proper nouns. Salience does a good job at picking up company names right out of the box, but some company names can give Salience trouble. Company names made up of common words and phrases like Best Buy or Glad might not get picked up since Salience will not always tag them as proper nouns.  If you have certain company names that are giving you trouble, you may need to configure Salience to ensure they are always recognized. This article provides examples of configuration steps to address advanced entity recognition.
Categories: Named Entity Extraction