Coming soon: Service Pack 1

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As with any software, as soon as we released Acquisition 6.4 and Salience 4.1 we started looked at all the features we'd put in, and the features that were left on the editing room floor so to speak. We've been working since the release of AE6.4 and SE4.1 in April to bring these features into the product as well, and are now in the process of putting Service Pack 1 through its QA paces. Look for this Service Pack to be released on June 30.

Acquisition 6.4 Service Pack 1

    • Improvements to category/filter queries: The underlying engine which handles category and filter queries has been re-engineered to provide more advanced query capabilities. These include NEAR querying between parenthetical groups, multi-character wildcarding, and improvements to case-sensitive/case-insensitive querying, stemming, and stopwording. The re-engineering has also included performance improvements.
    • Per-session user folders: When using AE with Salience enhancements, Acquisition 6.4 SP1 will allow you to specify a user folder containing customizations on a per-gather basis. As described below for Salience 4.1 SP1, this feature improvement is aimed at our clients who are supporting content gathers and analysis for multiple customers.
    • Gather improvements: We've worked on improvements to our Google and RSS gathers to provide better throughput when gathering from these sources.
    • Miscellaneous enhancements: There will also be some minor improvements included in Acquisition 6.4 SP1 that have been requested by our professional services staff.

Salience 4.1 Service Pack 1

    • Per-session user folders: In SE4.1, we introduced the concept of "user" folders, allowing for easier management of customizations to the data files used by the Salience Engine. The next logical question, especially for some of our clients that support multiple customers, was "Can I have multiple user folders? And switch between them?" With Salience 4.1 SP1, the answer will be yes. On a per-session basis, applications written against the Salience SDK will be able to specify the user folder containing the customizations to use for that session.
    • Improvements to confidence queries: The work on re-engineering the underlying engine for category and filter queries in AE also benefits confidence queries in SE. Confidence queries will take advantage of the same query grammar improvements and performance enhancements.
    • New entity extraction model: We're always looking to do more and do better with entity extraction, and Salience 4.1 SP1 will include a new entity extraction model with improved precision and recall.
    • Improvements to relationship extraction: We've worked to improve relationship extraction, including recognition of multiple parts of a quotation from a single speaker. New relationship types such as Employment, Former Employment, Company Headquarters, and more will be available.
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