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Text Analytics: The Next Generation

So it seems like that Text Analytics as a technology space is in the process of coming of age, with Sue Feldman at IDC dubbing companies like ours as Eureka 2.0 The sudden expansion of […]

When is good good enough?

So following on from what I was writing about last week I’ve been doing some more work on a generic text from html extractor. However in showing the results to a few people a question […]

Clean Content

There is an old adage ‘put rubbish in and get rubbish out’ and that has never been truer than in the text analytics fields. The number one issue that our customers have is getting clean […]

Sentiment Analysis in Action

Hello, and thanks for checking out our blog. We’re planning on keeping the blog pretty current, and posting several times per week. We’ll be discussing the rapid evolution of Social Media and where we fit […]

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