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How to swim around in a big sea of content

You know you’ve hit the right spot when Microsoft starts telling your story. I just watched an interesting TED webcast by Gary Flake of Microsoft explaining Microsoft’s Pivot application that the labs group has developed: […]

2010 Market Growth for Text Analytics

Jeff recently shared his thoughts on Text Analytics Market Growth with Seth Grimes for his report on B-Eye Network: Text Analytics Opportunities and Challenges for 2010 (free registration required). It’s a well written report, outlining the […]

Basic understanding of sentiment

It seems lately that there are more and more companies offering sentiment solutions to a variety of markets. Everything from health care to customer service to financial services and reputation management. But in spite of […]

Text Analytics Summit 09

As the Text Analytics Summit draws to a close, I am watching many of the familiar faces that approached our exhibit table to learn more about Lexalytics grab their last cup of coffee and snack […]

What is Text Analytics – Final

This will be the final piece on the basics of Text Analytics. I’ve covered the basics of categorization/classification, sentiment analysis and finally I’ll spend some time on entity extraction. As I posted in Part 2, […]

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