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TripAdvisor & Text Mining

Here’s the second video taken from our LUG conference. This video showcases John Kelley, from TripAdvisor, discussing how they use text analytics on the reviews section of their website, in order to determine how their […]

Angoss & Predictive Analytics

This is the first of several videos taken at the Lexalytics User Group (LUG). In it, you’ll see how Angoss combines our text analytics with quantitative numbers.  It is interesting how including named entity extraction, theme […]

Salience 4.3: Opinion Mining

One of the two major new features in Salience 4.3 (releasing around June 30th) is “opinion mining”. Opinion mining expands our core technology to handle indirect quotes. We’ve been able to extract quote-mark delimited quotes […]

Textual Analysis of Financial News Stories

I came across an interesting blog post in Technology Review that showcased the Arizona Financial Text system (AZFin Text). According to the author, Christopher Mims: “…it works by ingesting large quantities of financial news stories […]

The spread of “lytics”

For over 7 years we’ve been known as Lexalytics. I’ll be honest, I didn’t pick the name so I can’t take credit. However, I often get asked what it means or where it came from. […]

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