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eDigitalResearch is Changing Social Listening

Trending continues to govern the stream of news, culture and marketing we consume. To keep up, marketers need to just about read the future in order to act fast enough to leverage unexpected trends. And, with a new tool developed by eDigitalResearch and Lexalytics, you just about can.

We’ll Be at the Smart Data Conference!

Text analytics visualization is a key part to understanding data. Unfortunately, we all too often rely on the really rather terrible “word cloud.” In this article I’ll be introducing you to more effective ways of parsing meaning from this data and giving you an awesome coupon code for this year’s Smart Data Conference!

How Text Mining Could Hurt Your Business

With constant content generation comes the necessity for automated analysis systems. This is especially true in the high frequency trading (HFT) of stock. In this week’s VentureBeat, Lexalytics CEO Jeff Catlin explores the potential pitfalls of utilizing AI for speed instead of accuracy in stock market transactions.

How to Spot Consumer Feedback Online

What do blogs, comment streams, chat sessions, and Twitter feeds have in common?  They’re all sources of text, they’re all online, and they all contain invaluable information about your consumers and their experiences. How can […]

Salience 5.2 Walkthrough: Summaries

Sometimes, when faced with a large text document, you just want to get to the point. You’re a busy person, you have a hundred other documents just like this one to go through today, and […]

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