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Interesting Tidbits

A couple of things that came through my feeds this morning seemed worth while sharing with a wider audience Where Online Advertising Fails: The Future of Web Advertising Semantic web in travel Yahoo Announces Open Search Platform […]

Thoughts on the MSFT / Fast deal

It’s been over a week since FAST and MSFT announced their $1.2 billion dollar deal, and now that I’ve had some time to think about it, I thought it’d make an interesting subject for a […]

Release Wednesday

One of the changes that we recently implemented here at Lexalytics is a move to regular bug fix releases rather than just releasing new builds ad hoc. One of the things about growing up as […]

When is good good enough?

So following on from what I was writing about last week I’ve been doing some more work on a generic text from html extractor. However in showing the results to a few people a question […]

Clean Content

There is an old adage ‘put rubbish in and get rubbish out’ and that has never been truer than in the text analytics fields. The number one issue that our customers have is getting clean […]

Week in Review 11.9.07

Here are some of the blogposts we were following this week. We’re all excited about the continued buzz around social media and how it is changing every day. Enjoy!We agree with Jeremiah – Blogging is […]

Just a couple of things

So of course the big news in the Social Media world yesterday was the announcement of Google’s new Open Social API and the fact that they have signed up nearly every major Social Networking site […]

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