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What is Text Analytics – Part 2

In my last post about Text Analytics, I described the more classification and concept-oriented pieces of Text Analytics. In this post, I’m going to outline the pieces that most people think of when they think […]

Salience 4.1 Release Announcement

Text Analytics Leader Lexalytics Releases Salience 4.1 Offering Entity Management Toolkit for Better Entity Detection Company’s release provides support for user-generated entity extraction models that will save businesses money and offer more control over presentation […]

Adventures in Linux – Part 1

As part of our ongoing plan to increase our coverage for support requests, I’ve recently had to take the plunge into Linux. I’ve always been a windows guy and that’s where I’m most comfortable (Kevin […]

Newsgator and aggregation

At a customer request, I spent some time looking at Newsgator’s API. The customer wanted to see if they could get blog and social media content about a specific company from a single place. Currently, […]

Making a good development team

I’ve long held the belief that having the right mix of people in a development team is essential to that team being able to turn out good code. I’ve seen first hand the problems that […]

Sentiment and Accuracy

In my last post on our new sentiment features, I talked about perceived accuracy for sentiment techniques and sort of fudged around the issue of them. This is because I’m always wary of giving accuracy […]

Every little bit helps

With customers wanting to process more and more content (and more and more content being available) and wanting to do that in an a near real time manner as possible, the throughput speed of our […]

Attitude about Latitude

I’m a techie at heart. And there are few things that interest a techie more than the shiny new things. This week’s shiny new thing of course is Google Latitude. The basic idea is that […]

Reality vs. Marketing Fluff

There is no question that Text Analytics has come a long way in the last 3 or 4 years, and that the solutions available in the marketplace are solving real world problems. Unfortunately, our market […]

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