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Basic understanding of sentiment

It seems lately that there are more and more companies offering sentiment solutions to a variety of markets. Everything from health care to customer service to financial services and reputation management. But in spite of […]

Stuck in Neutral

Recently I had one of those unfortunate circumstances where a customer of ours was unhappy with the results of the sentiment produced by Salience and contacted us to help tune the engine. The document set […]

Text Analytics Summit 09

As the Text Analytics Summit draws to a close, I am watching many of the familiar faces that approached our exhibit table to learn more about Lexalytics grab their last cup of coffee and snack […]

What is Text Analytics – Final

This will be the final piece on the basics of Text Analytics. I’ve covered the basics of categorization/classification, sentiment analysis and finally I’ll spend some time on entity extraction. As I posted in Part 2, […]

What is Text Analytics – Part 2

In my last post about Text Analytics, I described the more classification and concept-oriented pieces of Text Analytics. In this post, I’m going to outline the pieces that most people think of when they think […]

Salience 4.1 Release Announcement

Text Analytics Leader Lexalytics Releases Salience 4.1 Offering Entity Management Toolkit for Better Entity Detection Company’s release provides support for user-generated entity extraction models that will save businesses money and offer more control over presentation […]

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