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Lexalytics Sentiment Spectrum

Sentiment Analysis solutions are popping up everywhere these days – or so it seems. Every day there is a blog post, or Twitter post (or 100), asking how it works or arguing a point about […]

Textual Analysis of Financial News Stories

I came across an interesting blog post in Technology Review that showcased the Arizona Financial Text system (AZFin Text). According to the author, Christopher Mims: “…it works by ingesting large quantities of financial news stories […]

Can sentiment stand on its own?

I attended the first Sentiment Analysis Symposium in NYC last week and thought it all came off reasonably well. It was interesting how the show really broke down into two very distinct schools of thought. […]

Sentiment and the UK elections

Following on from doing live Twitter analysis of Thursday nights UK Election debate, I thought it might be interesting to see how what the leaders were actually saying scored, and more importantly, what words and […]

2010 Market Growth for Text Analytics

Jeff recently shared his thoughts on Text Analytics Market Growth with Seth Grimes for his report on B-Eye Network: Text Analytics Opportunities and Challenges for 2010 (free registration required). It’s a well written report, outlining the […]

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