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Oracle & Real Time Analysis

Here’s the eighth video from our LUG conference.Richard Tomlinson of Oracle gives us a demo of their Endeca Information Discovery (EID) engine, which is a mix of ecommerce, customer experience management, and business intelligence. Not […]

Cisco, Sentiment Analysis, & Insight

Here’s the sixth video from our LUG conference. Elizabeth Rector of Cisco talks about their use of analytics across multiple “siloed” organizations inside of Cisco. They use the information “siloes” to bring together normally disparate […]

Datasift & Twitter Firehose

Here’s the third video taken from our LUG conference. Lorenzo Alberton of Datasift discusses their overall architecture for processing the entire twitter firehose. Specifically, they use the Lexalytics Salience engine for sentiment analysis, topic extraction, […]

TripAdvisor & Text Mining

Here’s the second video taken from our LUG conference. This video showcases John Kelley, from TripAdvisor, discussing how they use text analytics on the reviews section of their website, in order to determine how their […]

Computerworld: Sentiment Analysis Comes of Age

Quick quiz – how many of the companies in this article rely on Lexalytics for sentiment analysis technology? Computerworld: Sentiment Analysis Comes of Age Answer: 3/5 technology providers (including ourselves, duh), and 3/6 of the […]

MediaVantage & Media Monitoring

Our buddies over at MediaVantage have just announced some significant improvements to their already really good service. Included with improvements to their content stream for social media (including both more stuff and better filtering) […]

Salience 4.3: Opinion Mining

One of the two major new features in Salience 4.3 (releasing around June 30th) is “opinion mining”. Opinion mining expands our core technology to handle indirect quotes. We’ve been able to extract quote-mark delimited quotes […]

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