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We’ll Be at the Smart Data Conference!

  1 m

Text analytics visualization is a key part to understanding data. Unfortunately, we all too often rely on the really rather terrible “word cloud.” In this article I’ll be introducing you to more effective ways of parsing meaning from this data and giving you an awesome coupon code for this year’s Smart Data Conference!

The State of the Art

  2 m

Is sentiment analysis a stagnant science? What is there to look forward to? Why should you brave an ocean of data analysts and come to this year’s Sentiment Analysis Symposium? All of this and more shall be answered in this discussion of Doug Henschen’s awesome blog post.

Sentiment Analysis Symposium Presentation

  18 s

I am comfortably ensconced at the Sentiment Analysis Symposium today.  Below is the presentation I will be giving in a few hours, where I discuss the major aspects of optimizing accuracy, crowdsourcing, and understanding the […]

Text Analytics meets Predictive Analysis

  1 m

Predictive analytics have been around since the 80’s… The 80’s?! That’s right, Angoss is a Toronto-based company that has been offering predictive analytics solutions for over 30 years. It’s hard to believe that companies like […]

Understanding Social Behavior at Scale

  1 m

Data scientist Anna Smith discusses the variety of ways that Bitly is using Salience’s concept topics for automatic text categorization. Anna discusses the variety of different projects Bitly has teamed up with others to explore, […]

Lexalytics User Group 2013 Recap

  4 m

Well, that time of the year has come and gone, and we’re all better people for it. The place:  New York City The event:  The Lexalytics User Group, 2013 We had a nice crowd, both […]

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