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Lexalytics Sponsoring ICTIR 2015!

Lexalytics is proud to be sponsoring ICTIR 2015! The International Conference on the Theory of Information Retreival begins this month, on September 27, in Northampton, Massachusetts. The ICTIR provides a forum for the presentation and […]

The 2015 Smart Data Conference

I’ve got some pretty strong opinions about world clouds, and this year’s Smart Data Conference seems like a good place to express them.
That’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow from 3:00PM to 3:45PM, during my talk – Visualizing Text!
During my talk I’ll explain exactly why you should steer clear of word clouds (and start falling in love with bubble charts!).

We’ll Be at the Smart Data Conference!

Text analytics visualization is a key part to understanding data. Unfortunately, we all too often rely on the really rather terrible “word cloud.” In this article I’ll be introducing you to more effective ways of parsing meaning from this data and giving you an awesome coupon code for this year’s Smart Data Conference!

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